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A Used Truck In Ocala- Where To Go?

Buying A Used Truck In Ocala

I had been telling my son that I would buy him a truck when he got his drivers license for many years.

The time had come.

He was anxious and ready and I was panicky worried about money after checking the costs of trucks, even those with high mileage.

How was I ever going to afford it?

Fortunately, I knew a guy who owned an Ocala used truck dealership, Howard Kleinberg.  Now, I can’t say we were the best of friends as he as from the North and I was a Southerner!

However, we got along pretty well.  It hit me one day after a few weeks of fruitless searching that I should give Howard a call.  And so I did.

He had a bunch of trucks on the lot, but also told me he could get whatever I wanted.  Well of course, I wanted something inexpensive that would last many years.    used truck in Ocala

We took a ride out there and test drove a few trucks.  My son found a very nice Chevy, red in color and very low mileage that he absolutely loved.

Once I was sure this was the one, I sat down with Howard and began the process of deal-making.  It is a situation that most of us dread.  I acted confident and pretended to know what I was talking about.  And lo and behold!  After a few minutes, his price had come down and I was a happy man.

My son drove out of there with a new (used) truck for a great price and he is still driving it today.

Buying a used truck in Ocala is not a simple process as there aren’t many choices.  However, finding Crown Auto and Fleet Services took care of all our problems.

If you ever need a truck, check them out at or call them at 867-7977.


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