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Another Business I Love!

Another business I love happened because we had an emergency.  Late one night, our toilet began making a strange noise and began running without stopping.   I hurried to shut off the water and clean up the flooded bathroom.

What a mess!

We obviously couldn’t keep the water off forever so we needed immediate help.  But it was 3 am!

Where to go?

Google of course.

We found several plumbers that offered 24 hour service.  There really wasn’t time to look for reviews as we needed something done quickly.

We called the first one that stood out.  Joe The Plumber.

Now, that is a famous name in plumbing due to some political activity a few years ago.  But we didn’t care about that.  We just needed our water back on.

Joe The Plumber himself answered the phone in a groggy voice.  After hearing the problem, he took our address and said he was on his way.  Coming from Ocala, we assumed it would be a while before he got there, but no.  20 minutes later, he was knocking on our door.

He assessed the situation, found the problem and went to work.  In less than 30 minutes the water was on and the toilet was fixed.

Now to the bad part, the bill.

We were cringing thinking of a service call at 3 in the morning and labor.  But we were shocked at the bill.  It was completely reasonable and we paid it happily.  We were so impressed with Joe

You can find him like we did on Google and call him anytime of the day or night. You can find his website here!

I highly recommend him!