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A Business I Love!

When you live in a small town like Belleview, Florida, there simply isn’t a large number of small businesses to choose from.  Luckily, we are located only 8 miles from Ocala and 10 from The Villages.  So our choices expand greatly when you add in these two towns.

We have many favorite restaurants, stores, and service establishments.  One thing we don’t have is a favorite bar or nightclub (We don’t drink!).

Today though, we want to talk about a company that makes steel buildings.  Steel buildings are very nice because they can be installed very quickly, they are not expensive, don’t rot or succumb to bad weather and don’t need staining or repainting every year.

We decided we needed some storage at Belleview Florist, so we decided on a steel building.  We called several companies and checked reviews and finally settled on Central Florida Steel Buildings and Supply.  And are we glad we did!

They are a relatively new company in Ocala that broke off from another company.  We were actually one of their first buildings in the area.

After calling them on the phone, we felt pretty sure we had found our provider.  They were extremely friendly yet professional on the phone and spoke to us in a way that we could understand what they were saying.  There was no “hard-sell” at all.  Just information.

After hiring them, they listened patiently to our needs and drew up plans for a building perfect for our property.  The NEXT DAY, they showed up and began installing the building.  A day later, we were loading our stuff into our new building.

We just can’t stress enough how good these guys are.  When you have a business like a flower shop, you find that you need plenty of storage and now we have that.

If you are in need of a steel building, they do garages, carports, sheds, custom buildings and carports and probably many other types.  Give them a call and tell them Belleview Florist sent you!

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Another Business I Love!

Another business I love happened because we had an emergency.  Late one night, our toilet began making a strange noise and began running without stopping.   I hurried to shut off the water and clean up the flooded bathroom.

What a mess!

We obviously couldn’t keep the water off forever so we needed immediate help.  But it was 3 am!

Where to go?

Google of course.

We found several plumbers that offered 24 hour service.  There really wasn’t time to look for reviews as we needed something done quickly.

We called the first one that stood out.  Joe The Plumber.

Now, that is a famous name in plumbing due to some political activity a few years ago.  But we didn’t care about that.  We just needed our water back on.

Joe The Plumber himself answered the phone in a groggy voice.  After hearing the problem, he took our address and said he was on his way.  Coming from Ocala, we assumed it would be a while before he got there, but no.  20 minutes later, he was knocking on our door.

He assessed the situation, found the problem and went to work.  In less than 30 minutes the water was on and the toilet was fixed.

Now to the bad part, the bill.

We were cringing thinking of a service call at 3 in the morning and labor.  But we were shocked at the bill.  It was completely reasonable and we paid it happily.  We were so impressed with Joe

You can find him like we did on Google and call him anytime of the day or night. You can find his website here!

I highly recommend him!



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A Used Truck In Ocala- Where To Go?

Buying A Used Truck In Ocala

I had been telling my son that I would buy him a truck when he got his drivers license for many years.

The time had come.

He was anxious and ready and I was panicky worried about money after checking the costs of trucks, even those with high mileage.

How was I ever going to afford it?

Fortunately, I knew a guy who owned an Ocala used truck dealership, Howard Kleinberg.  Now, I can’t say we were the best of friends as he as from the North and I was a Southerner!

However, we got along pretty well.  It hit me one day after a few weeks of fruitless searching that I should give Howard a call.  And so I did.

He had a bunch of trucks on the lot, but also told me he could get whatever I wanted.  Well of course, I wanted something inexpensive that would last many years.    used truck in Ocala

We took a ride out there and test drove a few trucks.  My son found a very nice Chevy, red in color and very low mileage that he absolutely loved.

Once I was sure this was the one, I sat down with Howard and began the process of deal-making.  It is a situation that most of us dread.  I acted confident and pretended to know what I was talking about.  And lo and behold!  After a few minutes, his price had come down and I was a happy man.

My son drove out of there with a new (used) truck for a great price and he is still driving it today.

Buying a used truck in Ocala is not a simple process as there aren’t many choices.  However, finding Crown Auto and Fleet Services took care of all our problems.

If you ever need a truck, check them out at or call them at 867-7977.


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